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Have you Received a Notice of Termination of Tenancy?

If you have received notice from your landlord that your tenancy will be terminated, there are many things you should know. At the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis, we know that the law is a powerful tool — we use our knowledge of tenant law to fight for clients’ rights and their homes.

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Tenants Can be Evicted for a Number of Reasons

If a tenant is doing something wrong —not paying rent, for example — the landlord must give a three-day notice to demand payment of rent. Then, before a tenant can be evicted, the landlord must file a lawsuit, called an unlawful detainer, and the landlord must then win the lawsuit in court.

A tenant may also be evicted in an owner move-in situation, in which the owner of the property moves into the tenant’s space. However, the landlord must give a 30-day notice for tenants of less than a year or less, and a 60-day notice to tenants of more than a year.

There are many ways to defend against these types of evictions. So, have hope —don’t give up.

However, if you have just received an eviction notice, don’t wait. Call the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis. There may be several options in your case to help you stay in your home and protect your tenants’ rights.

Don’t talk to the landlord’s attorney. The landlord’s attorney may try to get you to admit to things that can harm your case. The landlord’s attorney is —obviously— on the landlord’s side; get us on your side! Call Tenant’s Rights Attorney Vincent W. Davis immediately if you have received an eviction notice.

Determined Landlords Will Try Anything to Get a Tenant Out…

In California, a landlord can evict a tenant for a number of reasons. All of the tenant-fault based grounds for eviction (such as non-payment of rent) require that the tenant be given at least three days to fix the problem, except if the tenant is committing a nuisance. In that case no opportunity to fix the problem is required to be given to the tenant. However, landlords will try to get creative and classify certain acts as a nuisance that really aren’t so that they can evict long-term tenants from their homes or apartments and then raise the rents for a new tenant.

If you have received an eviction notice for supposedly committing a nuisance —or any other reasons— contact us right away. We may be able to help you preserve your home and your rights.

A Landlord Cannot Lock You Out of Your Home

At the end of a 3, 30, or 60-day notice, it is illegal to lock a tenant out of, or force a tenant out of her or her home. If a landlord wants a tenant to move out, an unlawful detainer lawsuit must be filed by the landlord and he must win in court before you can be evicted.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Attorney Vincent W. Davis and his crew of Tenants Rights Lawyers have 41-years of combined experience and are ready to help you deal with an eviction notice or termination of tenancy. We will use the law to help you protect your home and your tenants’ rights.

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